Blue Jade

Blue Jade


Linz  /  Österreich


Blue Jade was originally formed by Z (aka Alex Zilinski) and former Singer Robby T. Walsh in 2005.
After just a year the band took a break when Z [zē] moved to the United States where he recorded and toured with Major Label Act 'Atom Smash' (Jive Records/Working Group Mgmt)

After returning to Austria in Dec 2010 - Z and Robby split and Z now being Blue Jade's new singer decided to move on as a trio in a more bluesy direction.
The Trio was finally completed by one of Austria’s best rhythm sections with Rainer Lidauer on Drums and Otto Andreas Bruckner on Bass.

While playing about 200 shows per year with Atom Smash Z gained a lot of experience and stage routine.

Z already worked with tons of well known Artists and Producers like Multi- Platinum Award Winning Producer David Bendeth (Elvis, Paramore, Papa Roach, Kaiser Chiefs,…), Producer Paul Trust (Atom Smash, Ekotren,…), Drummer Ian Paice (Deep Purple) , Rapper T-Pain (the Auto-Tune voice) and many more.

Acts he supported include Filter, Drowning Pool, Aranda, Saliva, Hollywood Undead, Nonpoint, Buckcherry, Hell Yeah, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sick Puppies, Tantric, etc…

With Atom Smash’s „Do her Wrong” he even had a Nr.1 Single (Sirius XM/Octane).

2011: Z left Atom Smash and relocated to Austria to focus on his own career with Blue Jade.
Blue Jade’s first EP ‘Hypnotized’ was released in 2010 and includes the title track “Hynotized” and their first single “Soul Tattoo”.
The Band is currently in the studio to record their 2nd EP which is supposed to hit stores in fall of 2011.

Influences include Artists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, U2 , ZZ Top and Pink Floyd.

Z developed his own unique style over the years which is far from shredding or showing off his skills. His aim is to write good songs and melodies accompanied by his tasteful guitar compositions.

The Trio’s live set includes original songs next to songs from Jimi Hendrix and a few other Artists which are presented in their very own style.




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