Sharron Levy

Sharron Levy


Salzburg  /  Österreich


Sharron Levy (born 17 November 1977) is a singer-songwriter originally from Israel. Recently known for her appearance on the German television show The Voice of Germany. Originally established as a rock singer in the band Super Massive Object and later in Captive Audio.
Levy's first band was One Drop, an already established band searching for a singer. She spent two years with the band performing shows around the Newcastle area. One Drop's drummer, Andy Walker and Levy left One Drop in order to form a new band - Super Massive Object (SMO). SMO gave Levy a chance to write and perform her own songs and co-write with Walker. After four years and a number of line up changes, Super Massive Object split up.
A short while later Levy joined Anthony Bye (bass) and Paul Kirk (drums) who were seeking a singer. The trio became Captive Audio with Levy playing guitar and singing lead vocals. Captive Audio performed across the UK and recorded an album: Visceral. The band relocated to London to build on their growing success. The band split shortly after and the album was never released although some of the tracks are still available as free downloads on the band's website.
Levy's solo work started with a recording of an album with producer and song writer Bryan Steele in 2009. However, this album was never released.
In July 2010 Levy recorded a 7 track EP Unplugged And Then Plugged In Again produced by herself and Anthony Bye. A limited 100 copies were made and the EP is now only available as download through Amazon, iTunes and other websites.
In August 2010 Levy relocated to Salzburg in Austria. There she performed regularly in Shamrock Irish Pub and was beginning to build a name for herself. She works at an IKEA store in the restaurant area.
Levy auditioned for the casting show The Voice of Germany in July 2011. She attended the Munich auditions and was then invited to the "blind auditions" where she was selected into Nena's team. Levy qualified for the live shows where, in February 2012, she reached the semifinals with the best eight participants.





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